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Powers & Permissions

Spontaneous Direct Manipulation: i.e. the ability to manipulate the environment around a Mage. This isn't something Tylendel needed to be taught, though the Tayledras are adept in this art. The first time SDM showed up in his life was when he overheard/experienced his twin bedding a girl (see his history). When SDM shows up for Tylendel, he usually can't control it and it tends to leave him utterly drained.

Artifice: i.e. the use of magical diagrams, ceremonies and devices to trigger specific magical effects. Tylendel uses this form of magic to create the Gate that takes him and Vanyel to the Leshara party. But there is far more he can do if given the right tools.

Blood Magic: i.e. "a taboo form of magic that allows the practitioner to gain power by causing pain and death." Like his lover (and other Mages of his caliber), Tylendel could, theoretically, use Final Strike. "To use Final Strike, the caster suicides using all their power and the power of their own blood magic to attack their enemy; not even the highest Adepts can survive Final Strike and there is normally no trace of the caster left apart from a pile of ash." Obviously, FS is only used when a Mage is in the direst situation.

Extraplanar Proxy: i.e. "a form of magic which involves bargaining, diplomacy or coercive tactics with the creatures from all other planes of existence than those inhabited by the Mages themselves." This is how Tylendel summoned the Wyrsa. It could also be argued that the Companions are from another plane (the Havens). Therefore the bond they share with Heralds falls under this category as well.

Other Planes: "Elemental Plane: Air: A vrondi is an air elemental that is described as a small cloud with eyes.

Elemental Plane: Fire: A sandaar is described as a fire elemental, but the exact appearance of one is not described.

Elemental Plane: Earth: A khamsin is described as being a jewel-bright desert lizard which stands erect like a man – about as tall as a man’s arm is long – with an inordinately large cranium with scales that reflected firelight in bands of shining colors, those colors primarily being topaz and ruby, but including other colors of notation.

Elemental Plane: Water: There are no known examples of water elementals appearing in the novels.

Abyssal Plane: Entities in this plane are what most humans would call ‘demons,’ and can be coerced with either pain-energy or death-energy, because this is the kind of energy on which they feed.

Empyreal Plane: This Plane is described as the Sixth Plane, and creatures from this plane are stated as being impossible to coerce.

Ethereal Plane: Mentioned is made of an Ethereal Plane, wherein one of the inhabitant creatures is described as being what is called a Varrir."

Tylendel could potentially summon creatures from several of the planes mentioned above. If this comes up in game, I will be very specific about where the creature originates/what it looks like/its powers.

Mind Hearing: Some Gifted Heralds can speak to their Companions (and one another) mentally (Mind Speech). Mind Hearing goes hand-in-hand with that gift. It allows the user to hear what their Companion/other Herald(s) are saying.

Mind Speech: The ability to speak to others mentally. Tylendel uses this Gift with his twin, Staven, his teach Savil and his Companion Gala in the book.

Farsight: When something concerns Staven, Tylendel has (or, rather, had) the ability to see/hear/experience what his twin was going through/felt no matter how far apart they were. I don't see this coming up in the game.

Empathy: I believe 'Lendel has a touch of Empathy. He can sense when someone needs a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on - thus how he was drawn to Vanyel.

Thoughtsensing: Like Empathy, I believe Tylendel has a touch of Thoughtsensing as well. But this might only come into play when he is Lifebonded to someone.

Fetching: Tylendel can move things without touching them. (This can be apart of SDM, but not necessarily.)

Quotes taken from here.


Backtagging: Always and forever.

Hugging?: He likes hugs. Just don't be creepy about it.

Kissing?: He might be surprised or even disturbed depending on who you are.

Sexy Times?: Only with a relationship.

Fight?: Tylendel has no problem getting into physical fights. He will be wary of Mage battles, however. Still, if you push him hard enough, he might throw aside his misgivings.

Injury?: Mild to medium injuries are okay, but anything major probably needs to be discussed beforehand.

Death?: Talk to me first.